John Galligan Travel

From Monday 8th June, our office will be staffed
Monday – Friday 0900-1700
We are not open to personal visitors!

We are back to start the enormous task of attending to the bookings cancelled during the Covid pandemic, to assist people who are already booked but are yet to travel and to make new bookings for those who are looking to a sunny future.

We are not opening the office to visitors, so please do not call to the office in person.

Our focus is on looking after those affected by the cancellation of their holidays. We know many clients have been very patient during this time and we appreciate that but we ask for a bit more forbearance, as we work our way through this task. We want to devote our time to the refund process rather than talking about it, so please limit your calls to us if you want to know the status of your refund, as that will only slow up the process for everyone.

If you have an issue you need to talk to us urgently about, please e-mail us on if possible, or if not, call us on 01 207 6555 and leave a message. If it is a travel related issue, we will get back to you quickly. Responses to requests for information on the status of refunds will take a bit longer to respond to for the reasons mentioned above.

During the past few months, we have been doing what we could to recover refunds from our suppliers. Even the biggest companies have laid off huge numbers of their staff, so their resources are dramatically lessened. Airlines and cruise companies, with their diminished staffing, are very slow with their refunds and some are only offering vouchers for future travel. So, getting your money back is proving to be a bit slower and more complicated than we would like but we are continuing to pursue those funds for our clients.

Anyone expecting an instant refund may be disappointed as we will need the time and space to work through this enormous task. We are asking for patience and understanding while the process unfolds. In the meantime, please rest assured that your money is safe and guaranteed by the state. Travel agents are the only travel providers to have bonds in place, that guarantee clients’ funds. Your money is safer here than in a bank, so you do not need to worry about getting your money back. It just may take a bit longer than we would like!

We look forward to the day when we are booking holidays in the sun for you again.

John & all @ JGT.

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John Galligan Travel

In 2019, we at John Galligan Travel will celebrate 30 years in business. Throughout that time, we have always strived to be the best in the business. We may not have always made it but, boy, did we try. We have enjoyed meeting and looking after many lovely people (and a few not so nice) and it has been a blast. The time flew and it is hard to believe we are almost 30 years old already. And we still look so youthful! We have learned a lot, matured a bit but mostly, we have honed our skills and consider ourselves an oasis of client care and consideration, in an industry ruined by low-cost and low-client-esteem. Some say we are a "dinosour" in an online world but our clients don’t seem to agree and as long as courtesy, respect and efficiency are valued, we’ll be around.

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